Monday, September 28, 2009

Business casual






(Insight dress, Silence + Noise moto vest, vintage Chanel purse, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Alex & Chloe necklace, Alice + Olivia leather cuff, Tiffany & Co. ring, Kimski gator ring, vintage ring)

One of my coworkers had the idea of starting a mini fashion club at work, and we've come up with designated days when we have to dress according to theme. For example, Mondays are Gossip Girl Mondays. I actually started doing this by myself last fall; in honor of the show's second season, I came to work as Blair Waldorf, decked out in ruffles, tights and a perky headband. Now I look forward to seeing my coworkers dress as Little J or Vanessa! Fridays have been dubbed Fab Fridays, when heels, and of course a fab outfit, are a must. So last Friday, I wore these Jeffrey Campbell platforms to the office and though not as comfortable as my usual workaday flats, they did make the day a bit more interesting.

Fashion clubs--perhaps they're what everyone needs in order to look forward to work in the mornings! That, and some good coffee!


Anonymous said...

tiff! omg you are so fab!!! i especially LOVE the picture of your silhouette against the gorgeous backdrop!! this week has been sooo insanely busy!! miss you so much!! cant wait to see you gorgeous!!

Friend in Fashion said...

GREAT idea :) Love the fitted minidress with the leather vest! Gorgeous shoes + rings (love the vintage one!)

With Love, Elle said...

wow i can see u luv to jump! gr8 photos! xoxo elle

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Hi "Miss Beautiful Jumping" Tiffany.

This is such a great idea... a mini fashion club.
The entrance examination should be a "beautiful jumping photo" ;) ... and I have the fear I would never make it into your club;)

Your rings are so youuu and the pictures in the twilight beyond beauty!

Have a beautiful day, Tiffany!

ruby said...

i love your shoes and your outfits. any shoe places you can recommend? i need a good pair of shoes.

stilettostetico said...

I really like the way your so Sexy/electrifying armless vest tends to "GLAM Rock-ize" your "Gossip Girl-esque/like" silhouette . . .
ps: AND Frankly What a stylish Shadow you are Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! YOU are solely the STYLE SOPHISTICATE, I swear I am always without WORDS when I see your new POST because your OUTFIT from head to toe is SOOO DARN GLAM FABULOUS!!!:)
p.s. YOUR GATOR ring is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS just like your OUTFIT!!!!

sofiasophie said...

looooooove your rings!

thefashiontheory said...

Hi! Love the first photo ^.^,
the shoes and the moto vest!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Awesome dress! Love Love Love your shoes! So wanna go shopping in the US! Your outfit in the previous post is just fabulous.


toopoorforcouture said...

Love, love, love the jewelry!

xtinagirl said...

OMG I love your rings! They're absolutely fabulous! :)


vitaMinn style said...

Hey Tiffany!

Lovely outfit here! The lizard ring is truly an eye catcher! It somehow says "don't mess with me or else...!"

Can't wait for you to post your outfits from your fashion club at your work!!

PS - I have two awards for you on my blog!!

Clara said...

wow! AMAZING pics.
i love your rings!!

Carlijn said...

i love the waistcoat and the jewelry!

Zhcsyra hp said...

lovelly ur black leather vest and awesome shoes <333