Monday, December 1, 2008

Flowers in your hair

I've always loved the thought of wearing flowers in your hair. During my sister's wedding, our stylists wound fresh flowers in our hair and the pretty floral additions lent our outfits a very fresh, youthful vibe. No wonder, founded by two Los Angeles native stylists with a great eye for color, is at the top of my go-to list when seeking gorgeous hair accessories. One of my faves is this eye-popping fuchsia silk flower attached to vintage silk netting. It's so versatile that you can tie it in a myriad of ways for different looks. I like the way it's styled on the model. The enormous flower--so pretty, so whimsical!--rests on the side of her head, as if she'd just plucked a fresh flower and pinned it to her hair. Beautiful!

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